Cassini sends a Goodbye Kiss with a Saturn Ring Silhouette

Saturn silhouette on rings Sept 13 2017

In a few hours, Cassini’s signal will fade away, letting us know it’s become one with Saturn. This will be at 4:55 AM PDT. But it isn’t leaving us empty-handed: above, the shadow of Saturn silhouetted on Saturn’s rings. Not enough, IT’S OKAY, THERE’S MORE:

Rings Sept 13 2017

Both taken on September 13, 2017, these are one of the final images Cassini will take of the planet. I couldn’t ask for more.

Stay tuned for a huge post on my experience at NASA JPL for the Cassini Grand Finale NASA Social. For live updates, follow my Twitter where I’ll be live tweeting the event, where I’ll be exchanging goodbyes with a spacecraft that’s touched my heart, and many other hearts, like no spacecraft ever has.


2 thoughts on “Cassini sends a Goodbye Kiss with a Saturn Ring Silhouette

  1. Hi.. how do you process these images and is there a public source of unprocessed space images? Could you be interested in making a tutorial about this stuff or is it just for people with access to NASA/ESA/JPL and the likes?


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