NASA Grant Opportunity for Women in the U.S.

I do post about science, but I also like to inform people of great opportunities to help them with their research. Space Advocate and NASA Advisor Ariel Waldman has informed me about a NASA grant, and wants to extend the opportunity to as many women/of color as possible. The grant is given by the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, and is geared towards studies that help advance space exploration or aeronautics. You don’t need to be doing something that is directly geared toward space exploration; you could be doing biology, particle physics, cosmology, computer science, anything that can be applied to future space missions—your ideas can still be game-changing even if they don’t directly stem from space exploration!!

10-12 awardees are chosen each year and will receive $125,000 each for their research, and the awardees can reapply for a $500,000 grant. Applications are being accepted starting August 2, and the deadline to apply is September 13, 2017. You’ll need a 3-page white paper to apply, so the time to start drafting your ideas is now.

Thinking of applying but don’t know where to start? You can check out Ariel Waldman’s grant guide, here! I encourage all those in STEM fields and ideas that can help a future space mission to apply; it’s a wonderful grant opportunity and would really help with your career.

Please share this with anyone you think may benefit from the grant! And good luck!

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