Talking dark matter and soup!

Screenshot from the video of my TED-style talk. Video credit: Ted Young Tae Yoo

Hi all, I recently gave (for my first time ever) a TED-style talk about dark matter and my research at UC Irvine! Ted-style talks are very different from what I’m used to, in that it’s you talking with no questions for several minutes, no slides, just you and your hand gestures. This was a new experience for me, it was fun! I hope I get to do more of these so I can hone my TED-style talking skills.

As promised to many of you via social media, here’s the YouTube link to my talk. Note that during the questions, my answer regarding Rutherford scattering needs a correction: it was alpha particles shot at gold foil in this experiment. Enjoy, and please feel free to ask questions!

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