InSight’s first photo after landing on Mars

It’s been early 7 months since InSight was launched on May 5, 2018. Everyone waited in anticipation for its landing on Mars today. At 11:52:59 AM PST today, InSight touched down on Mars, and everyone across the globe cheered! And then, we saw its first photo:

InSight’s first photo taken of the surface of Mars, through its dust cover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Wow. Through that dusty cover, InSight sent us its first view of Martian land. So I decided I’d go ahead and try my hand at editing out the specks a bit, and here’s what I got:

Edited first photo from InSight
InSight’s first photo, cropped and edited by me to remove the dust.

I used Photoshop to remove the fish-eye, but found that I really needed to crop a lot of the image out as there was too much dust for me to edit out without totally destroying the photo. So, I settled for keeping those two little Martian rocks, and the gritty rocky surface you see above. I mean, considering that InSight will be looking deep into the interior of Mars to give us insight (pun totally intended) on how rocky planets form, I guess it kinda makes sense to focus on the rocky surface.

You can read a bit about today’s landing, here.


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