Saturn’s Moon Dione

Dione June 22 2017

Because we can never get enough of moons, here’s a processed image of Saturn’s moon Dione, taken by Cassini on June 22, 2017. This is my first time processing an image of Dione. The moon is only ~0.03% the mass of Earth, and has an average radius of 561 km. An icy and cratered world, Dione orbits Saturn at 377,396 km away, and takes about 2.7 days to complete one orbit, and exactly the same time for one rotation about its axis because it’s tidally locked with Saturn—its rotation is synchronous.┬áThe moon is also in a 1:2 orbital resonance with the ice-spitting moon Enceladus, completing one orbit about Saturn for every two orbits Enceladus completes.


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